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Premium Handcrafted
100% Rye Vodka, Gin, & Whiskey
Made in Indiana


18 Vodka & 18 Gin & South Bend Rye Whiskey represents a new class of spirits. 18 Vodka is not simply a Midwestern made artisan vodka, but one whose quality is so superior to others that it will all redefine the notion that vodka is a tasteless spirit used only for mixed drinks. Our hand-crafted vodka, which has been Distilled 18 Times in a massive German hybrid copper pot still, is a new class of vodka that can be enjoyed straight without the strong bite other vodka’s have. It is truly the smoothest vodka available today! And our newly released 18 Gin is made with the finest botanicals to give it a unique and flavorful note.
And in Limted release we are now producing Whiskey.

Our state-of-the art Northern Indiana distillery uses the most advanced spirit production techniques, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and purity, while not sacrificing taste. You can simply...


  • Prepare yourself for the absolute 18 Vodka experience. With its incredible smoothness and consistency, it will make you change the way you think of vodka.


  • It only takes one sip to understand why our 18 times distilled vodka is appreciated by consumers all over Midwest. With no overpowering alcohol smell, no burning, and an unforgettable flavor & smoothness, everyone will recognize 18 Vodka with ease, blindfolded!


  • Whether it's neat or mixed in your favorite cocktail, remember that with 18 Vodka, you'll want to take your time and savor every single sip. There is no other way to truly appreciate it!

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