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Premium Handcrafted
100% Rye Vodka
Made in Indiana


About 18 Vodka

18 Vodka is an all-natural spirit made from 100% rye. The purity of its ingredients is apparent in its silky smoothness. The rye is of the highest quality and American grown, the water we use is crystal clear, sourced from a natural, underground aquifer that was formed millions of years ago, and the process is overseen from start to finish by our master distiller ensuring the utmost care and quality control. While artisanal vodka is clean enough in taste to be used in your favorite cocktail we believe 18 Vodka is so delicate and so smooth on the tongue, it needs nothing more than a chilled glass and a couple of rocks. Try it today in our elegantly designed reusable bottle made from specialty glass!

Who We Are

We are a small group of artisans who wanted to get back to the roots of what great vodka is about. Unlike many spirit products in the marketplace, 18 Vodka is made on our premises, from grinding, to mashing, to fermentation, to distilling and finally bottling, everything is carefully controlled by our team of distillers. We have the hearts of craftsmen and care about every ingredient that goes into our product and every process we apply. This is what keeps us true to our goal of producing only the finest, smoothest of vodkas.

The Smoothest Vodka: When it comes to delivering a vodka that doesn't burn or sting, 18 vodka seems to go down as easy as spring water.

The Bottle: Learn about the elegant bottle design and how it can help save the environment.

Production/Process: Inspired by early American distillation, we handcrafted batch after batch until we found the perfect smoothness and light body for a truly great vodka.

The Distillery: Our state-of-the-art distillery is a place where technolgy meets tradition.

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