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Premium Handcrafted
100% Rye Vodka
Made in Indiana



Inspired by early American distillation, we handcrafted batch after batch until we found the perfect smoothness and light body for a truly great vodka. We like to take things slowly, in order to make sure our customers and suppliers get the best of the best, and after you taste 18 Vodka, you will understand why. 

The production of 18 Vodka incorporates sound monitoring practices, it allows our master distiller the ability to select the true hearts of the distillation cycle at the same point in every batch.This makes for consistency while allowing for production of a few batches to thousands of batches to meet customer demand while not sacrificing quality or taste.

We grind the grain in house using a two mill process because we want to be absolutely confident of what is going into our vodka. We add 100% rye malt to keep the integrity of the flavors and then ferment it under the watchful eye of our master distiller. The fermented mash is transferred to our German copper pot still. It is from this still that 18 Vodka derives its name. It contains 18 distillation chambers within two copper columns and harmonizes traditional, trusted distillation methods with state-of-the-art technology. Only after running through all 18 chambers of our still can it be called 18 Vodka. Most of our competitors do not adhere to such a high level of control over their process production. Right through to bottling, our truly artisan vodka is meticulously handcrafted to ensure superior quality. We personally inspect every one of the bottles that goes out our door.      
We make no compromises when it comes to our spirits

Made of carefully selected rye, 18 Vodka draws its specific flavor and smoothness from the finest rye from the best crops.

Made in America from 100% Rye

Our country's founders were on to something using rye grain for their spirits. We became certain that after trying other grains that using only rye would lead to unparalleled vodka smoothness. Our product is a crystal clear and delicate spirit. No sharp alcohol smell or burn on the lips.
Smoothness created by stills

Our world class still is the key to producing a light smooth vodka.Our Master Distiller uses his skill and expertise, throughout the process to make 18 Vodka. This way, we make sure every bottle of 18 Vodka leaves our distillery only when it reaches an unparallel level of smoothness.

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